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UofTMed — Summer 2016

What makes for a really good mystery? Find out.

Faces of Healthcare

The Face Behind "Faces of Health Care"

Advances in Heart Failure: Science & Solutions

Understanding a Broken Heart

Translational Research Program

Translational Research Bridges Science and Society

From the Dean

Dean Trevor Young,


MaRS2 Occupancy Confirmed

Someone asked me recently what an analogous role is to being Dean. Am I like a CEO? Yes – and students are my ultimate shareholders. Am I like a coach in the NFL? Not so much, given the secret playbooks and the bluster. Captain of the ship? Partly, but command and control from the bridge simply doesn’t work in academia – or in any well-run organization, it turns out.

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Mondays in The Star:

Doctor's Notes (Preview)

Why you should chew gum after surgery, and other recovery tricks

In addition to moving your body, surgeons try to get the internal organs going as fast as possible.


UofT Medicine
Why you should chew gum & move your body after #surgery #UofTDrNotes https://t.co/eUp6sv7vvs
UofT Medicine
Join us on Monday June 6th for a live chat & dive into the mystery of three unknown medical devices. https://t.co/6hgqhJLBsG
UofT Medicine
#UofTMed student Erik Yao talks about his experiences & what drives him to become a better physician https://t.co/T5h4mRhvL6 #UofTGrad16
M is for Mystery
UofTMed magazine
What makes for a really good mystery?
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