UofTMed Research Reflections: On FDA Approval of a New “Living Drug” for Cancer

Precision medicine took a big step forward last week as the U.S. FDA approved a new form of immunotherapy for cancer: anti-CD19 chimeric antigen receptors – or CAR-T cells – for the treatment of a deadly form of childhood leukemia, known as acute lymphoblastic leukemia. U of T Med’s Linda Quattrin discussed this development with hematologist and oncologist Naoto Hirano, Associate Professor of Medicine, Department of Immunology at U of T, and Senior Scientist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, UHN. Professor Hirano’s research focuses on cancer immunotherapy, especially adoptive T cell therapy.
Sep 5 / 2017

Huntington’s Researcher Reaps Benefits of Open Science

Last year, Huntington's disease researcher Rachel Harding became the first biomedical scientist to publish her lab results in real time. The approach came with risks, notably that other researchers might scoop data and use it to publish papers and garner funding, but eighteen months later the project is bearing fruit.
Sep 1 / 2017

UofTMed Summer 2017

What did our faculty, staff and students get up to this summer? From starting clerkship to picnics and travel, UofTMed made the most out of the warm and sunny months.
Aug 29 / 2017

Faces of U of T Medicine: Tommy Hana

This fall, Tommy Hana will join the incoming MD Class of 2T1. He spoke with Faculty of Medicine writer Julia Soudat about the diverse community that gave him opportunities, his experience at the World Health Organization and how Dr. Maya Angelou has inspired him to be a rainbow in someone else’s clouds.  
Aug 25 / 2017


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