Alumni Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages are there for U of T alumni?

A whole host of benefits and services are available to U of T alumni including financial, fitness and continuing education. View the complete list here.

Can alumni get access to medical journals through U of T?

A question occasionally asked of the University of Toronto Libraries is, "why don’t alumni have access to online resources?"  The short answer is that the current business model practiced by most publishers makes the cost of providing access to alumni prohibitively expensive.

The cost of many of our online subscriptions is related to the total number of users at the University of Toronto: current students, faculty, and staff.  Presently, the University of Toronto has about 90,000 current users, the largest number in Canada.  If the University’s approximately 500,000 living alumni, or even just the 50,000+ Medicine graduates were added to that number, the additional cost would be exorbitant.  The costs are so expensive because the subscription would have to cover the entire group, not just alumni who actually use the resources.

Some publishers, such as ProQuest and Ebsco, offer packages of online journals specifically for alumni.   These packages contain selected titles intended for a broad audience.  The Library has obtained licences for this material and alumni may purchase access, unfortunately, the general nature of the journals included in these packages mean that there is little medical content.

So, what can Faculty of Medicine alumni do?

  • If you are in the Toronto area you can come in to the Library and use all online resources by means of a guest account. 
  • Read the Library’s research guide for medical graduate created by Gail Nichol, a librarian at the Gerstein Science Information Centre.  This guide lists resources offered by various professional associations as well as many open access titles.  The guide can be found here
  • If you are a Canadian Medical Association member, you can get access to a variety of resources at a reasonable cost. Visit the CMA website for more information

Access to information is important to the University of Toronto Library.  They support open access initiatives that allow databases such as PubMed and TRIP to be accessible to anyone with an Internet connection and they are actively engaged in working with publishers and scholars to develop new business models.   For more information about the Library’s Open Access initiatives, please visit their Scholarly Communications and Copyright webpage

Where can I get my transcript, a copy of my diploma or confirmation of my training at U of T?

Transcripts are easy to order online through the University of Toronto Transcript Center.

Replacement diplomas are available through the Office of Convocation.
For written confirmation of your U of T training, please contact the Director of Alumni Relations, Julie Lafford at  

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